Frigga's Tears

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A defunct Freehold chapter, located in Jacksonville, AR.



(RP)Frigga, Mother to Thor, Wife to Odin. She has cried long and hard fearing the upcoming Ragnarok. Her tears have made our seas but this s the only tear that strayed. I Wolfsblood was there to see it fall, and have made my home and life around that very spot.

Frigga's Tears was founded in Nov 2001. It went defunct when its members decided to join HFS in May 2013.


Armand (Andrew Kelly)
Atsuko (Jamie Lumbard)
Keridwen (Erin Floyd)
Killian (Ben Floyd)
Mab (Linda Seaton)
Massacre (Phillip)
Morgoth (Mike Mercouri)
Myrl (Jessica Mercouri)
Raphael Windfury (Jake Sadler)
Rosalind (Kimberly Kelly
Savana (Amilea Thiel)
Duran Shadowdagger (Chris Mills)
Vincent (Dan Seaton)
Wolfsblood (Clinton Thiel)


Contacts and Directions

Paradise Park off of Redmand Rd.