Freya Mercades

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Freya Mercades
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Park Hel's Gate
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Started May 2013
Noble Title Lady
Belted Status Woman at Arms
Belted Under Squire Mercades no Hitorimono
Contact Information
Phone 757-897-7585

Lady Hate at Arms Freya Mercades, of Hel's Gate, Crystal Groves

"Dick stabbings for everyone, right from the tall grass!"

Positions Held

PM of Helstrom's Hollow June 2013 - June 2014

KPM of Crystal Groves April 2014 - Oct-2014

Affiliated Groups

Tribe Skullriders of the Saracens

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Apprenticed under Master Archer Baronet Garret Thornwood

Other Information

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