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A freehold is a chapter that is not a part of a kingdom, either before joining a kingdom or as a park independent of all other parks. Freeholds make up about 6-7% of active Amtgard membership.

Remaining a freehold


"Becoming a knight from a freehold is nearly impossible. As a freehold you are not exactly outcasts, but you are restricted to using the Burning Lands Corpora and never advancing past "Shire". You technically don't have a kingdom to hand out any higher awards including titles such as knighthood." -Glenalth

While most parks begin with the intention of joining a kingdom in the future, some chose to remain a freehold, for various reasons. Often, freeholds wish to remain independent of kingdom rule, having to answer to no higher authority than Amtgard Inc.

There are downsides to independence. A freehold will never, no matter how large you become, become a barony or higher. The chapter will retain the rights of a shire, and therefore only even gain a shire's priveldges. Freeholds only are able to give out two orders of any award to any one person, and can never bestow masterhoods, titles, or knighthoods.