Fox Macleod

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Lady Squire Fox MacLeod, of Ravens Cross, Golden Plains

Home Park Ravens Cross
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 2012
Noble Title Lady
Belt Status Squire

"I don't lose. I win, or I learn."

"Sic Parvis Magna - Greatness from small beginnings."





Foxy was born Briar Monroe MacLeod to Ian McNoughton MacLeod and Ninaelil Angoleth.

For most of her early life, Briar became accustomed to her father's ability to travel between worlds. He would often take her from their home in Scotland to a fanciful place he had once been, and had found her mother. There, he introduced her to creatures she'd only heard stories about, and met many people who spoke well of her father in battle, the Scottish Highlander out of time. She even met people with the same pointed ears both she and her mother had that no one else back home in Scotland seemed to posses. Her father told her that they were elves, and that her mother had once been a very revered princess among them.

Briar loved these visits with her father, and often spoke of them to anyone who would listen. Her mother however, had left the freeholds of amtgard for a reason, and wanted nothing more to do with them. So, while Ian was away, she whisked Briar far to the north, where they could never be found by him again.

Her mother tried to replace the memories of that place over the years with etiquette and poise, but Briar would have none of it. SHe preferred fighting with the boys of the village over the study lessons and dinner manners that her mother tried to force on her. Eventually, her mother remarried to a disgusting nobleman, and Briar grew into a rowdy young woman, still dreaming of the fairy tale land her father had shown her as a child. She never got along well with her mother's new husband, much to the woman's vexation, and they would often fight, leaving Briar to excape into the one place she felt safe and at home, the forest.

On one fateful night, she could take it no longer, and packed up her things to run away to the country side. A thunderstorm ensued while picking her way through the forest, and a lightening strike hit a tree, forcing it open and creating a gaping maw in its trunk. Just beyond it, Briar could see a land once familiar, and was now the escape she'd been looking for.

On the other side, she found the Barony of Evermore Hollow, just below the slope of a hill. There she met people of every shape and size, confirming the world she'd remembered from her childhood. Here, among the people she was teasingly given the nickname Briar "Rose" as it rolled off the tongue easier. She enjoyed months of laughter and happiness, learning to fight and protect her new home. However, she remembered her father's story of her mother once being a princess, and wanted to find any lost family she might have. So she searched for any information she could find in regard to her mother and her possible royal lineage.

Not long after, she met a man who promised her all the information that she sought, and naively she believed him. Through months of searching, he told her of a Witch that had taken over her family home, killing all but her mother, who fled with her father years ago to escape the clutches of the old hag. As they journeyed closer, they plotted to overcome the old witch, and take back the kingdom that was her birthright. Little did she know that the man was in league with the witch, and warned her of their plans before they arrived. Since Briar had done no real harm, only plotted against her, the witch decided to curse her instead, changing her for her arrogance and perceived wit.

Though she was not harmed, damage was still done as Briar "Rose" McLeod was transformed, becoming somewhat vulpine in nature, with ears, a tail, and some facial features of the creature. Distraught by this change, the young elf ran from civilization, hiding herself in the forest. Though she came to visit her friends occasionally, she never felt at home, and she hid her nature as best she could. Until one day, while crossing through the Shire of Ravens Cross, she met an unlikely ally. An elf by the name of Squire Krassus Greenleaf Auditore. He told her that her name reminded him of an old fairy tale he'd heard, and proceeded to call her Briar 'Fox'. Though she had detested any mention of her condition before, from this man, she did not seem to mind. Later, at her behest, the rest of her kingdom began to call her Fox as she accepted her cursed state, though many that knew her before still call her Briar out of habit.

Following Krassus into battle, she lent him what rusty fighting skills she could remember, and through following his commands, he offered her a place as an initiate into the Ordine Elfassins. With nothing better to do than mourn over the loss of her true form, and out of her newfound respect for him, she agreed.

Now she fights alongside the company as a full member,looking for a way to end her curse, and take back her family's birthright.

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Squired to Sir Boots