Forgotten Crossroads

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A defunct Freehold once located in Griswold, Connecticut and prior to that in Willimantic, Connecticut.


The original heraldry was a green field with a bend dexter gold and a bend sinister silver. Where the bends would have crossed they were broken letting the green show through symbolizing the lost crossroads.


The Shire was founded in the 1998 by Harmast Farblown and Robert the Addled after they had visited Goldenvale. Although it briefly peaked at five active members it declined and went inactive before resurfacing a couple of years later for a brief time. During both of these periods it was a Shire of Goldenvale.

In 2006 Jinkaze moved to the area and contacted Harmast who had in the interim moved closer to the center of the state and tried to found Odogond. Jinkaze decided to restart the Crossroads moving its center to Griswold and changed kingdom affiliation to the Valley of the Silver Rains . Jinkaze's run, based on the ORK records, was the most successful run the Crossroads ever had. The chapter went defunct in 2008.

Rumor holds that Harmast hopes one day someone will start a successful Connecticut chapter that will revive the name of the Crossroads.