Fira Ironscales

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Countess Squire Fira Ironscales of the Shire of Knight's Rest

”People will pick anyone who shows the slightest bit of ambition” -Xander Saif

Fira Ironscales


Began playing in September 2009 at Trail's End. Moved to Mystic Hallow until military service borrowed her for a while. Came home and helped found Valiant Fields in 2012. In 2013, the military called her away again until mid 2015 when she returned to a park in ruins. After a little over a year struggling to hold the park together, Tal Dagore proclaimed it dead and transplanted her to the Duchy of Knoblands. After a year-ish there She moved to the St. Louis area and joined in with the shenanigans of Knight's Rest.

Affiliated Groups

  • Grendel Company
  • Nightfall Citadel Household
  • Black Hand Household
  • Member of the 22nd Legion

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Feast o'Crat for Known World War, 2018 Feast o'Crat for Known World War, 2019 Feast o'Crat for Keep on the Borderlands X, 2019

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