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The Freehold of Finchfen

A Freehold of Amtgard, located in Humble, TX



Finchfen is a Freehold of Amtgard, located in Humble, TX. It was founded in June 2020 in order to provide a park closer to home for amtgardians in that area. The first monarch, and Founder, is Page Mshak. Currently, Finchfen has not been able to hold in person park due to COVID-19, but upon the post-plague Amtgard Resurgence, will play at Jesse Jones Park in Humble.



Contacts and Directions

Finchfen is located within the Redbud Hill Homestead & Akokisa Village area. After you enter the park there will be parking on your right,across from the Nature Center. From here take the Homestead Trail. You should pass through a wooden gate. Continue straight until you come to a clearing. Welcome to Finchfen!

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