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Felfrost's heraldry, as designed by Helios.

A Duchy of the Principality of the Nine Blades, under the Kingdom of Rising Winds located in Ottawa, Canada.


Formed in October 2007 by Ausric Blackwolf, Fei Shou, Drake de Montfort, and Vale. They held their first proper Coronation event on the May 2nd-4th weekend in 2008.

While previous chapters had existed in Ottawa (such as Thunder River!, and Shattered Hills), they had since folded, creating the need for a new group. For a while, Soulwind, Felfrost's second and third Sheriff was the only active example of a player from Thunder River! who played in Felfrost, though was not the last, when Ethryn rejoined the game.

Given the promotion to Barony status at Nine Blades Midreign, January 22nd, 2011 and the promotion to Duchy status at Nine Blades Midreign, November 2012.


Monarchy Roll Call

Past Felfrost Monarchy

Contacts and directions

Holds regularly scheduled field days at Hog's Back Park (Hog's Back Rd, Ottawa, ON K1A 0M2 - near Carleton University) Sundays at 1pm. Postings about field changes can be found on the


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Fall Coronation 2014

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