February 28th 2011

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Burning Lands

Emerald Hills

  • Sir Flare, Knight of the Serpent, has won the title of Dragonmaster XXVIII of the Emerald Hills, against a field of 14 individuals with 85 entries.
  • Prime Minister elections are to be held this upcoming weekend, March 5-6th with Ghosttiger, Mertag and Docsi running for the position
  • Weaponmaster was held February 19-20th, the winner was Spyn with 60 points, Brett took 2nd with 59 points.

Celestial Kingdom

  • Mundania has canceled the Celestial Kingdoms Jugging League's first jugging tourney.
  • New events have been added to the website for Spring War [1]

Golden Plains

Iron Mountains

  • WeaponMaster will now be on the 5th in city park! WM starts at 2, sign ins close at 1:45 for the 1st list.
  • The Iron Mountains althing and Prime Minister Election is now ongoing, including revisions to the Corpora's A&S section
  • Rakis will be held at a new site just outside Trinidad, Co on June 15-19 [2]


  • March 5th will be Goldenvale's coronation, and to liven up things before and after court will be gaming sessions.


  • Land audits are due by March 3rd.
  • Wednesday February 23rd saw the second Iron Chef competition at A&S, Francis came in first place with a spicy apple dessert.
    • The competition will continue until April when the Iron Chef will be determined.


  • "It is with sadness that we report that Silvertip of the Wetlands is no longer a knight. He offered his belt up for a confidence vote by the Circle of Knights who chose to decline to re-affirm him. Silvertip appealed the matter to the Althing, who also declined to re-instate his belt. According to our Corpora, there is no limit to the number of times Silvertip may appeal this decision to the Althing, and he is still eligible to to be voted in by the Circle of Knights.

We wish Silvertip well in his future endeavors." -King Thalen Tannon


  • Neverwinter's Spring Midreign is coming soon, April 15-17th
  • Winters Edge is holding their Coronation at Pickett State Park on 3/11 with a full schedule of events ranging from a MtG tournament to Jugging.


Rising Winds

  • Rising Winds Coronation is coming up, March 24th-27th at Fallen Rock Campground, where there will be Vampires and a Scouts vs Assassins War, a night quest, a monster enhanced graveyard battle similar to League of Legends, and an assault on Castlevania

Crystal Groves

  • Kingdom Warmaster is scheduled for Saturday, March 5th at Carrollton Nike Park, in Smithfield Virginia.
  • Sunday, March 13th BFE will again host Leena's BBQ beatdown.

Desert Winds

Tal Dagore

  • Kenshin won Tal Dagore's midreign A&S tourney with an average score of 4.42


  • Sunset Cliffs bids farewell to their favorite minstrel Trios who is heading north, having finished school, and will be attending the land of Ashen Spire.