Evermore Hollow

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Amtgard Chapter
Evermore Hollow
The Kingdom of Golden Plains
Status Barony
City Canyon, Texas
Park Conner Park
Meets on Saturdays 2:00pm
Founded 1996
Active Active

The Barony of Evermore Hollow


Founded in May 1996, only one original Evermore Hollow member remains: Sir Ren. Evermore Hollow currently calls home to a varied and enthusiastic group of new and old players alike. All aspects of Amtgard are acknowledged and encouraged on and off the field, including A&S, roleplay, and good fighting. The Nizari, Ordine Elfassins, and Assana Clan fighting companies are based out of Evermore Hollow. Members of the Hounds of Zeus, Crimson Marauders, Dark Riders, Clan Bloodtooth, Amalgam, and the Church of PIE also call Evermore Hollow home.

Current Monarchy


Inactive or Transferred Members


Evermore Hollow meets at Conner Park, Canyon Tx, 79015. Around 2:00 pm, Amtgard Standard Time on Saturdays.

From Amarillo, come down I-27 into Canyon, turn right on 4th Avenue, then turn left on 19th street, then go straight down 19th street and you will come to Conner park on your right.

From south of Canyon, take exit 106 and go under the overpass into Canyon. Highway 217 is essentially 4th Avenue through town so turn left at 19th street, then go straight down 19th street and you will come to Conner park on your right.

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="35.155895" lon="-101.911131" type="map" zoom="8"> 34.971435,-101.924466 Somewhere 'round here. </googlemap>


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