Evergreen Vale

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an defunct outpost chapter of Wetlands, located in Nacogdoches, Texas.



Originally Founded in 1994 by Mandrake of the Celestial Kingdom and Lakus Farstrider, the group was still-born until the fall of 1995 saw a surge in attendance which soon died off with the arrival of winter. The following spring (1996) the vale came under new leadership under SLED (Sable, Lakus, Eskana and Damia), two couples (that is, Sable + Damia and Lakus + Eskana) and began to grow and become an influential player in the early kingdom political scene.

They first petitioned to join the Wetlands at the Mid-reign prior to the first coronation in 1996. The first sheriff was Sable Cacophony who then stepped down in December 1996 to become Seneshal under Damia Akestor, the first Baroness. They then both stepped down in May 1997 to go on to become king and regent of the Wetlands. Another Valer, Trebor Ironcross, would become their Prime Minister at their midreign. Lakus went on to become a fixture in the Prime Minister position after Trebor and Eskana went on to serve a term as Kingdom Regent.

In fact, the Evergreen Vale spawned one of the early post-formation dynasties of the Wetlands including 3 monarch terms (Sable (2), Trelath), 5 Regent terms (Damia, Eskana, Trelath, Harlan I, Harlan II), 8 PM terms (Trebor (2), Lakus (3), Trelath (1), Harlan (2). As the founders and primary contributors of the Evergreen Vale turned their attentions to Kingdom-level activities during 1997-1999, the local group meetings suffered, and when the founders SLED (Sable, Lakus, Eskana and Damia) moved to Houston in mid-1999, it was not much later that the group disappear again entirely.

On September 30, 2007 Ever green vale was accepted as an outpost (petitioning chapter) of the Wetlands. First Sheriff, Sir Chip Inferno. The park was defunct once again by May 2009.


Contacts and Directions

Pecan Park, 2pm Saturdays.

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