Eve El Wy'fe

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Eve El Wy'fe, of Siar Geata Westmarch

”No Confidence!”
"You do know you're going to Hell, right?" "You're driving the bus."--Cadogan, discussing with Eve her posthumous vocational opportunities

" Do not play with your nipples when I'm talking to you!"- said to Gonzo


Her name can be pronounced "Evil Wife", she's married to the ever-unfortunate Lucas The Lost. She's been slowly but surely sucked into Amtgard through osmosis. Once upon a time, she was there just because Lucas dragged her, kicking and screaming. Now she's learning to make chain maille jewelry, and even Holding Office! What's this world coming to?

Eve gave birth to their daughter, Vincenza on December 18th, of the year 2007.

She's been making tentative forays onto the battlefield of late.

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