Enodus Solus

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Baronet Squire Enodus Solus, of Storm Grove, Emerald Hills

”Follow me and I will show you the Future. ”



Enodus Solus started in amtgard at Storm Grove in the Confederacy of Dreadmoor in 2014. That same year he left Amtgard and returned in 2020 to Storm Grove, in the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills.

While there he took up The Title Baron of Storm Grove from mid 2020 to the end of 2021.

During thus time Enodus, he became an Under Belt to Radiant Mortyn and Now he is a Squire under Radiant Mortyn.

Became one of the founding members of the Wolf Pack, mentored Potato a pup in the Wolf Pack.

As well as earning the Title of Baronet for his serves.

Then taking on his First under Belt Zaza whom serves as his Page. Shortly After he took Kildaar on as his MAA.

On April 3rd 2022 Enodus was Giving the Trinket The Wings of Mercury by Baron Jeremies, and King Yawp for his service at EH Mid Reign 2022.

Enodus took office as Champion of the Emerald Hills in 2022 End Reign.

Currently Enodus is still residing in Storm Grove.

Affiliated Groups

The WolfPack

The Church of Clippy

The Grand Jedi Order

Belted Family

  • Zaza - Page
  • Kildaar - Man-at-arms
  • Obscuridad - Page
  • Kloud - Man-at-arms

Notable Accomplishments

•Becoming Baron is Storm Grove

•Earning his title of nobility (Baronet)

•Won Michael's Hammer at kingdom relic Quest

•Earning his Trinket (Wings of Mercury)


  • Baronet
  • Man in arms
  • Squire

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