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Emberlight is an association of campfire bards who enjoy the night life of Amtgard as much as anything else about the game. Providing entertainment at events is our primary purpose, but we strive also to promote the performing arts in Amtgard by encouraging and even coaching other entertainers to improve their craft. We put a lot of emphasis on singing, simply because it's what most of us do, but entertainment is the goal, whether it be singing or dancing, juggling or simply telling a good story. Whatever our art, those wearing the campfire emblem of House Emberlight will be more than happy to perform.


House Emberlight was officially founded in the winter of 2000. It was too bloody cold to go outside and play, so we were huddled around a wood burning stove and began to sing for each other. We then started singing together and eventually became a household. While the deepest roots of Emberlight date back to the roving bardics of the mid-nineties, it wasn't until that winter that we were even loosely organized, or even had a name for ourselves. Emberlight is still just an association of individual performers (we're definitely not a choir) but as we generate more interest in the performing arts and increase our numbers, there's no telling what we might do in the future.


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