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Elric, of the Eyrie age 26 Standing at 6 ft even he cuts a solid figure. Shoulder length wavy reddish brown hair surrounds a stern jawline. Gray eyes that are normally serious and noticing everything sometimes shine with a humorous glint. Rarely does he smile but when he does it's a slight smirk to one side. Working on the hellions tears and fighting alongside it's crew and friends for many years led to him being well toned and deep tan skinned. One thing that people notice most about him are his wings. Depending on his mood and how he fights they transition from eagle and red tailed hawk to mockingbird and snow owl to even the occasional raven. On his right forearm is a brand of two sickles crossed bound by chain.

Personality. Elric is a serious man who doesn't reveal much due to his past of being a slave. His trust, when he gives it, is something that means a great deal. At 8 years old during his coming of age ceremony where his clan earn their wings his village was attacked by orcs. His entire village but him was slaughtered and he was captured but not before he saw his totems. During the ceremony you find out what your wings will be. Most will be in line with their family but a select few are destined for more. Not having been seen in many generations they had all the talents and potential for grand deeds both great and terrible. He saw the eagle, snow owl, raven, mockingbird, and more until at last the red tailed hawk, his families line, was revealed. For several years he was bounced around between masters until he was sold to the captain of the Hellions Tears. Slaving until he was 16 working for Ulfeir a friendship grew. When Ulfeir challenged and tore apart the captain he offered Elric his freedom and a position at his side as first mate of the ship. Since then they've gone on many forays as mercs and added many to their crew. Such as the pyrowhore Kymaera, the unintelligible Wookie and more. His loyalty to his crew, his family means as much to him as his honor does. He would break neither going so far as to he would sacrifice himself to save them.

Fear- being a slave again chained down never to fly and be free again. Something of importance always on him. His manacles from being a slave. They were forged in such a way that they won't come off and they show his strength that he won't let them hold him down ever again.

Theme song: I will not bow breaking Benjamin (Bio pulled from the Knoblands RP board)

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Hellion's Tears Mercenary Company

Belted Family

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