Ebon Order

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Keladry, Nexus, Eris, Velidia, Bowen, Glyn, Elm, Bear, Dracious, Nathanial, Lacris, McRah, Ritari, Vurdu, Roywynn (Missing: Promethea, Therin, Esselia, Gymir, Glithus, and Calin)



The Ebon Order are not the best fighters on the field, nor the best crafters of weapons and armour, but we will be, with a strong emphasis on self-improvement both martially and in the sciences of Amtgard.

Holding a high standard for our own members, the Ebon Order has four types of members: Patricians, full-fledged members of the Order; Magistrate, a lieutenant position in the Order in charge of encouraging the arts and sciences; Praetor, a lieutenant position in charge of encouraging the fighting arts; and Archon, the leader of the Order.

In order to join the Ebon Order, one must approach either the Praetor or the Archon with a request (or 'petition') to join. The petitioning member will then be watched closely by those Order members in their local group and a vote will be held at an appropriate time, once enough information has been gathered.


Ebon Order. Height: the moral high ground. Weight: the knowledge of good and evil.



Member List:

Former Members:

  • Wunjo - Patrician, left February 26, 2009
  • Elghinn - Patrician, left at Fury of the Northlands 2009
  • Tristan - Patrician, left at Fury of the Northlands 2009
  • Ausric - Patrician, left October 1, 2010
  • Iceblink - Decurion, left at Frostbite 2011