Duncan Grey

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Lord Squire Duncan Grey, of VSR / Blackspire

"Doomsday 348, Doomsday 349...."


Duncan Grey started playing in fits and starts in Iron Keep, Silver Moon, and Shrouded Valley between 1995-1997, and considers himself to be a member of PNW Amtgard at large more than a member of any one group.
Duncan is 6th level in every standard class except Druid and Archer. (Probably because you are safe from him hitting you with a bow unless you are behind him!) He is also a 6th level Monster.
Duncan Grey has an alternate persona used only for Drow events named "Kannette Knightslayer."
Duncan is probably the longest running Squire in the area, recieving his first red belt in 1998.
He also served as Guildmaster of Reeves more times than is mentally healthy.

Affiliated Groups

Birds of Prey

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Weaponmaster of VSR '98
  • Co-Founder Dark Horizons
  • Held every possible position in Silver Moon and was one of the main influences that guided it from Shire to Barony to Duchy.
  • Master Rose
  • Master Lion
  • Master Reeve
  • Master Assassin(Twice!)
  • Master Wizard

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