Du Chevalier

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Chateau du Chevalier


This house was founded back in 1994 by Syr Leo du Chevailer and his brother Erich du Chevalier (a.k.a. Emalrik).

Founded at Dragon's Keep

When they started it was just the two of them twin red and black clad towers (Leo being 6' 5" and Erich being 6' 2"). A few months later and the house grew with the addition of Sir Iago.


Erich du Chevalier of Harbour of Rhye.

Iago del Khahli du Chevalier of Darkhold.

Mortiana du Chevalier of Goldenvale.

Sanchez Zappatiesta du Chevalier Defender of Goldenvale.

Fitz DeShaun du Chevalier of Goldenvale.

Fionna of Goldenvale.

Wolfen du Chevalier of Green Water Valley.