Drunken Wyvern

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The Drunken Wyvern (A drinking company with a fighting problem)

”Some call them drunkards, we call them Heroes.”

”Praise Brraaap!”


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Due to low turn out, in 2007 the Drunken Wyvern became a Household so the remaining active members could pursue membership in more active companies.

History (RP)

Known to his friends as Balthazar the Bold, Balthazar the Brave ,ect. Balthazar is the mightiest strongest and most fearsome of all of the Drunken Wyvern (even whilst dead). Founder and forever leader of the Drunken Wyvern, Balthazar began his adventuring career as a skilless hireling, working for 1 copper a day (that was a lot of money back then) as a pretzel salesman at a local (ren)fare. After weeks of hauling pretzels, Balthazar befriended the Master blacksmith at Angel Armories and began his long apprenticeship there and learned to be one of the best Balcksmiths history had never seen. He started his own blacksmith shop in a small town that had an unusually high amount of Adventuring traffic (all the shoppes seemed geared twards adventuring items) and was constantly frustrated having to fix the dented and broken armor and weapons that he had sent out in fine working order just a few days before. So he decided to become an adventurer and built for himself an armory full of the finest weapons and armor that the world had never paid attention to and used them well until the day he died. After years of adventuring and deciding to retire, he built a bar and named it after his pet wyvern, Brraaap.

Current officers

Captain: Balthazar

Lieutenant: Brraaap






DantÈ Benedictus

Finn McGill






Shamus the Green


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