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Dren, of Autumn Grove a Shire of Rising Winds



Dren was brought into the game by his real life sister, Katy. He joined Autumn Grove on May 31, 2009 and seems to be really into it. He picked out his name and started looking for garb even before he showed up.

Character History

I lived in a small village as a peasant. I had only one fascination: SQUIRRELS! One day I left town in search of them. About half way through the day I saw a girl. She had a squirrel's tail! I ran up to her and grabbed the tail and yelled "SQUIRREL!" She then turned around and slapped me. I said, "Oh, not a squirrel." Then, mummbling under my breath, "Chipmunk." She slapped me again and said, "You're crazy. I shoudlt ake you to our healer and see what she can do for you." Where at, I don't know. But in my squirrel related crazy I followed her. When we finnally reached our destination, I saw another girl with a squirrel's tail. Once again I yelled, "SQUIRREL!" and then was greeted by another slap across the face. Then they introduced themselves. The slapping girl was Crimson and the healer was Sage. I asked, "Where am I?"

"Welcome to Autumn Grove," They said. At Autumn Grove I spotted many squirrels and decided to stay. I have many fun times there with Sage and Crimson and chasing squirrels.

Affiliated Groups

Blood Guard (Cub)

Notable Accomplishments

More Information

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  • Acts out his character's story every time he sees someone with a tail