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Baronet Draeven Somerstorm, of the Emerald Hills

Hell when I'm drunk I'll do all sorts of things I don't remember. I once got drunk and told Draeven he had a good idea once. I need help.-Forest

You put the BAR in Bardic!-Forest



Formerly a member of the Drunken Wyvern, Draeven (despite his skinny size) is able to drink impressively large quantities of alcohol. During one Emerald Hills event Draeven drank a large quantity of Wyvern's Blood (made mostly of Everclear) and then relit a campfire the next morning by peeing on it. Draeven is currently considered 60% alcohol by volume (120 proof).

Notable Accomplishments

===Affiliated Groups===

Amalgam Heraldry

Belted Family

Draeven was promoted to Squire by Sir Falamar at Banner Wars XIV

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Master Healer


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