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A Monster Ability.
From the Book of Engoku:


Place hand on slain victim and repeat, “Your form is mine!” x1. Victim removes class sash and gives it to Monster. Spell lists and any applicable quest or game items are also turned over to the Monster. If the victim is willing, a telltale piece of garb or equipment (a cloak, sword, shield, etc.) may be given to the Monster to complete the transformation.




The Monster assumes the place of the victim in all respects including class and team membership. All players are encouraged to play along with the ruse, and are not allowed to attack the shapeshifter for the duration of the effect. The Monster player is encouraged to affect the basic mannerisms and personality of the victim. At the end of the victims death count, he returns to his team as a Peasant and the Monster may be attacked once both players can be seen together.


Once the Monster is slain, the victim regains his equipment and class abilities. Should the Monster escape, the victim remains a Peasant until the creature is captured and/or killed.

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