Doom Shadizzle Jewlips III

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Squire DoomShadow of Slaughter Creek, Celestial Kingdom

AKA Doom Shadizzle Jewlips III, AKA Jimmy "the Jewlips" Tudeski, AKA the Barron Reinhold von Jewliptenstein, AKA The RZA (Cuz the Jewtang Clan aint nuthin to fuck with), AKA Old Doomy Bastard, AKA McDoom Jimmykicker, AKA Dr. Richard Hammer, AKA Pretty Pretty Princess Pink Panties von Boobenstein, AKA the Stalker, AKA FirePercy, AKA Darky McDarkness, AKA CrimsonDoomWolfShadow of BlackRavenSomething, AKA Black Mike, AKA President AhmeDoominijad.

Quote: "Yo soy princessa bonita bonita!""

”Dance Dance Revolution... How about I play Dance Dance Revolution on your chin... with my nuts... Dance Dance RevoluCHIN”

"i will box you like an 18th century pugilist" Clan 2008

at a party at Michael's house this weekend (10/12/08):

Grendel said "hey Arthon do you know this guy named Doom Shadow that I'm supposed to box?"

Arthon replied "man, somebody with a name like Doom Shadow, or Shadow Claw, you should know right away with a name like that it's not somebody I hang out with"

Grendel said "he's tall, from Texas we're gonna box at world bann"

Arthon interjected excitedly "oh FUCK!! yeah !! I know DOOM SHADOW!!! that guy!!"


Doom has reluctantly agreed to the creation of this page for our amusement, and thusly, we wont talk too much about him here.
That's because Doom is really humble. Like, super humble. Doom is probably way more humble than you. If fact, if you and Doom were in a humbleness contest, Doom would TOTALLY kick your ass! And then he would be like, "In your FACE! Loser." That's how humble Doom is.

In his arrogance, Doom has failed to realize that he is being counter-stalked by Teylon De'Grathor. Such a sad, sad fate for the man.

    • Does this mean I am stalking you? :) - Pollux**

Teylon De'Grathor escalates the stalking race to stalkcon 4. Nuclear stalks detected.

Rumors surrounding Doomshadow

Doomshadow is secretly Brennon's fraternal twin. - Krix

Affiliated Groups

Saracens- Tribe Loka Honna
I.L.B.F.- Lieutenant & Prize Fighter

Belted Family

Doom is squired to Sir Vigus Fatbelly, and liege to MaA Mezcantito.

Notable Accomplishments

Founder of the school of thought known as Doomosophy.

Emperor of the imaginary land of Doombabwe.

Wrestles sharks.

That movie is totally about him.

Invented Itsari.

Is world famous for his stalking prowess.

He can run through you and make you blow up by transferring kinetic energy into you. Like Jesus.

Additional Images

Doom, Abi, and Vigus getting ready for WBW Boxing!!!

Doom and Grendel hug it out

clan 2008