Die Katze

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Die Katze, of Siar Geata Westmarch

”But I dun wanna!”
"Whenever I come out with my pole-arm they get scared and back away..."
"Augh! That shrub is talking to me!" -Miles

103.jpg ”It's bright!”


Daughter of Guillaime and Sybilla, and sister of Scoot. Which makes an awesome combination of weapons, garb, and food. Started playing in April 2007 after months of trying to be dragged out to game days and fighter practices by said brother. She has graduated high school, attended a few classes in community college and found her soulmate Degjo (who sadly doesn't like amtgard or faire much), when real life interefered before moving to the Amt-barren lands of Visalia, in the central valley of California with the love of her life.

Likes using bow and arrow, and is also handy with a staff and pole-arm. Likes playing the Druid class due to the combination of fighting and magic, but is currently trying to level up in Scout, when she manages to make the 300 mile trek south in her faithful silver hello kitty mobile (aka Lucy), which sadly isn't very often.

Currently planning on getting a real-life grown-up job (not food-service) so that maybe one day we can move back down to the lands of Siar Geata, 'cause shits expensive, yo.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Heir Apparent of Siar Geata, January 08 - July 08
  • GM of Druids, July 08 - August 09 (2 terms)

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