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Notes for Fighting Didy

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Home Park The Hollow
Kingdom Northern Lights
Year Started 2009
Noble Title Cheating Whore
Belt Status imaginary

  • "Leet Staff Mastah" of Gypsy Hollow.
  • Has been awarded the title of "Cheating Whore" by Sir Brennon
  • Founder of the IBDC.



I started in the SCA in 1999. In 2005, some of us split off to a LARP called "Savage." Then moved up to the Seattle area in 2009 and found amtgard.

Flurb Bio

There's a human saying: "fight fire with fire." And they wonder why the entirety of nature loathes them so... Why something as gentle and kind as a badger would tear apart any bit of human flesh foolish enough to invade its territory (wherever she happens to be at the moment). On the rare occasion a human breaks their concentration on ravenous self infatuation to recognize a threat that's been dancing in front of them, their cure-all solution would be to set loose a greater abomination to combat the first... Then sit back with a blank expression, wondering how it got out of control. While the human answer to fire has some fundamental logic, the troll's version is superior in its simplicity: "Never fight fire. Allow it to consume itself and move on." My name is Didymus, and this is my journal. I fear I must document my past as.... Certain events... seem to be escaping from memory. I am an elder and watcher for my tribe in the glorious forests around the dessert the humans call "Dragons Ridge." Perhaps 80 years or so ago, the humans were dabbling in necromancy. And, having the gift myself, I was selected to look into this poison and neutralize. We needed the tools to consume this new "fire" even at the cost of consorting with... humans.

While some weren't as grotesque as the stories say, even the best among them were proud thieves and brutes... So precautions were taken to safeguard the grove. I used their arts to reanimate many human shells... eventually finding ways to store them indefinitely as a reserve army. As much as I hated to do it, I even found a way to twist trees that were near death. Instead of hacking apart the poor thing to build into a shelter as the humans, I could lend it some necrotic energy to recrystallize the decaying structure and take control of it's roots. Using it's roots as a badger would use it's claws, it turned into a very quick process to hollow out a dry little den for shelter or storage of valuable items. The trees unfortunately suffered during the process... but in death, they protected life.

Unfortunately, after Silix turned on us, I knew more extreme measures must be taken. With necromancy, not only could I reach through and utilize the flow of life and death... But I felt the dead from a new place... I could see no way to directly travel to this new domain, but was finally able to leach onto this new source and shove my own life energy through... causing myself to be reborn on that side. This has, however, had some rather... Unfortunate... side effects. While I've retained my mind... My form has changed... Even my gift has been perverted... Perhaps as punishment for using necromancy on the trees... Nature has cursed me with the form of... A human. What will I find in these... "northern lights?"