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Demoral of High Oasis, Dragonspine

AKA Demoral McSexypants
AKA Chris (Do these pants make my ass look fat) Osmon
AKA Saucy Mcslappy Face
AKA Bitey McRabid
AKA Master Barbarian Demoral
AKA Farty Vonpoopenpants



He is a simple caveman and your technology and this strange magic box confuses and frightens him. Demoral also greatly enjoys speaking about himself in the third person. All this being said. let's sit back, relax, and enjoy some random facts about Demoral.

1. Demoral is the only person he knows that has both peed on a bear and been punched in the eye by a midget. He also once rode a horse through the Burger King drive through to get a whopper meal.

2. Demoral does not like clowns.

3. Anyone wishing to play some prank on Demoral involving clowns is most likely to end up with a dead clown and a heavy conscience. Unless of course Demoral finds out who you are in which case you will most likely be joining the clown in a shallow grave.

4. Demoral started Amtgard in Albuquerque, N.M. under Pegasus Valley and has played there, Carson City, NV, and Phoenix, AZ. Demoral started playing sometime in 1994 or 1995.

5. Demoral once finished second in a womans tourney where he was beaten soundly by an old lady. He was wearing a halter top, a wrap around skirt, and a Bandana that read " On the rag". The old lady was Weilok.

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