Deimos's Beard

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Deimos's Beard, of Seven Sleeping Dragons, Westmarch

”A bright bouquet of week old wine and cheese curls wafts from it's burly hairs”


Deimos's Beard is the most elusive of the suspected Circle of Beards ilk. The beard appears to Give Baron Squire Deimos a +2 bonus to Anti- Gravity and a +5 to Hobo Fu. While rumors persist that there is a certain karate chopping texas ranger beneath the silky curtain of Deimos's beard, scientists have speculated that within his beard actually lies a singularity that traps all good and kindness and sucks it into the abyss to never be heard from again. In 2009 a research team was sent to track down the skiddish beard in it's own habitat, tragically only one of the survey team returned alive, and barely at that. The poor shmuck was missing his left arm and his nose, viciously chewed off by some savage animal. No further attempts have been made to encounter Deimos's beard, for fear of losing more young impressionable biology students to the wilds.

Affiliated Groups

All efforts to concretely identify Deimos's Beard as a member of the Circle of Beards have failed.