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Dassureth Redfury
”Dassureth is a Swordmaster though I can still beat him -Bushie”

- "hahaha, good one Bushie" - Dassureth

Chapter Western Winds
Kingdom Blackspire (Viridian Outlands)
Started 2001
Noble Title Baron

Lord Master

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Western Winds

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Baron Lord Squire Dassureth Redfury, of Western Winds under Viridian Outlands, Principality of Blackspire


Dassureth is a gentlemen of fighters, starting his amt-career in Wolven Fang in 2001, he quickly showed his combat expertise and his power on the battlefield, he was a part of Syr Leo's branch under Lord Squire Siris as he wore the Red and black of the Canadian Saracen. After some time he disappeared from Wolven Fang as he took his journey out to the wild west, in the fall of 2010 he and Adorth joined forces to create the Freehold Shire of Western Winds as well the groups first company, the Nordic Nomads.

"good write above bushie! If it is you that wrote it! haha - Dass"

Dassureth played a huge role in the growth of Western Winds and has introduced the members to many different aspects of Amtgard. He organized the first international trip for Western Winds to Pac Wars 13 where they made their sponsorship official with Blackspire (which then got switched to the Principality of Stormhaven). Dassureth, being a great fighter, concentrates a lot on his fighting skills and teaching others. Though his expertise and main focus in Amtgard is fighting, he will do anything to help others enjoy any aspect of the game he himself has enjoyed for so many years.

Dassureth has consistently shown passion towards Amtgard and since 2011 and greatly aided Western Winds in achieving their Duchy Status. He is always trying to teach new people to take up leadership in a growing group and strives to keep Amtgard growing in Western Canada.

In 2014 Dassureth achieved his goal to lead Western Winds to becoming the first Barony in western Canada with his goals being the continuation of growth of Amtgard in Western Canada.

Dassureth also takes pride in training and understanding fighters, he has taught dozens of classes on Amtgard fighting from his perspective and many of them are on youtube. He encourages his belted family to teach other fighters because the better everyone around you becomes, the better you can become.

In 2015, Dassureth accepted a squire's belt from an old friend, Ser Godwyn (Lanky).

In 2016, Dassureth spent a lot of time traveling and hit up 6 kingdom level tournaments. He placed second in one of them and got his 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th kingdom level wins during this year. He was awarded his 7th and 8th ootw.

In 2017, Dassureth broke his own personal streak in a tournament at circles of fate and got 118 wins in a row. He also got his 6th kingdom tournament win a couple weeks after and He was Given his 9th Ootw. Even though he has been teaching fighting classes in western Canada for multiple years, in October he traveled to Desert Winds to teach fighting classes for the first time on an international level. He also autocrated omens which focused on One Grind Nation to come up to teach classes and run the first Kingdom Level tournament on Canadian soil. The tournament had some great fighters including the following Warlords(or near warlord) visitors from afar, Anatole, Mhog, Sponge and Lanky. Dassureth placed 4th. Omens also marked the first time Americans came to a western canadian event.

In 2018, The Kingdom of Blackspire approved the second kingdom level tournament on Canadian soil at Circles of Fate. Dassureth was not in charge of the event but organized the fundraising to fly up some Knights from Westmarch. Warlord Duke Sir Deimos and Baronetess Dame Leah were wonderful guests along with several other visitors coming up from The Principality of Viridian Outlands. This was the first time Americans came to an event in Western Winds. Dassureth took first place for his 7th kingdom level win. Dassureth also stepped back into office as the Duke of Western Winds. He also organized a fighting class at pacwar 2018 teaching punch vs strap shields with Warlord Raven from stormhaven.

Affiliated Groups

Nordic Nomads

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Squire to Ser Godwyn April 2015
  • Title of Baron June 2014
  • Title of Lord May 2012
  • Title of Master July 2005
  • Walker of the Middle
  • 9th Order of the Warrior
  • 7th Order of the Rose
  • 7th Order of the Smith
  • 7th Order of the Lion
  • 6th Order of the Griffin
  • 7th Order of the Hydra
  • 5th Order of the Owl
  • Non-Noble Title Urukai "The Hobbit Smasher" May 2012
  • Co-Founder of Western Winds 2010
  • Co-Founder of the Nordic Nomads 2010
  • Prince (Viridian Outlands) x2
  • Duke (Western Winds) x1
  • Baron (Western Winds) x1
  • Sheriff (Western Winds) x4
  • Shire Chancellor (Western Winds) x1
  • Baronial Chancellor (Western Winds) x1
  • Ducal Chancellor (Western Winds) x1
  • Shire Regent (Western Winds) x2
  • Baronial Regent (Western Winds) x1
  • Ducal Champion (Wolven Fang) x1
  • Ducal Champion (pro-tem, western winds) x1
  • Baronial Champion (Western Winds) x1
  • Shire Weaponmaster x2
  • Baronial Weaponmaster x1
  • Ducal Weaponmaster x1
  • Principality Weaponmaster x5
  • Order of the Hardcore: November 2004, June 2014

Number of Kingdom level Tournament Wins: 7

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