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Lord Darvin, of Querna Tema and Beyond

“Hey guys... McNikle left his crown on Kite's floor... I think I just groundscored a Monarchy!”

“I don't believe you are comprehending the all-encompassing vastness of the fuck that I do not give..."

“But you are forgetting one very important thing... I'm Darvin!"



Darvin started back in Gehenna Plains when it was just a brand new Shire just getting off the ground. Then later moved out of Sioux City to Omaha. And has been in Querna Tema since. (Although his attendance is better in the Ivory Tower)

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

Master Druid - Given by Princess Peach (Ruuna), October 2010

Monarch of Land's End (Very Briefly... Twice)

JORM Pooba of the Jesters of Olympus