Dark Valley between the Copper Hills

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a defunct chapter of VSR, located in Longview, OR.



Was a part of a group of confederated lands known as The Rising Moon, now a chapter under Northern Lights called Mithril Hills.

Dark Valley was formed in 1993 by Gaelin, Kaia, and Sularus. The three of them had moved to Longview, WA from down in Oregon and wanted to bring the game they loved with them. The land quickly grew to Duchy numbers in the early 90's. It was formed as part of the Principality of Rising Moon (which at the time was sponsored by Celestial Kingdoms).

In 1997 Rising Moon and her lands would switch under the banner of the Kingdom of Mystic Seas. This caused a division in the land due to some conflicts that Khan Vladamir Singh had with both members of the leadership of Rising Moon and issues he and others had with Mystic Seas. They would form a land called Singing Woods that same year. Singing Wood was sponsored by the Kingdom of the Valley of Silver Rains.

Now since Singing Wood was in the neighboring town of Kelso (geographically the towns of Longview and Kelso are merged almost into each other) this caused a lot of confusion and strife. It also furthered the feud between MS and VSR. In less than a years time Singing Wood would fold and its membership returned to Dark Valley.

Years later, during 1999, many of the more experienced and founding members had left the land mostly due to moving and other mundane life situations. The Principality of Rising Moon had also folded with all of her lands, save Dark Valley, falling under VSR core sponsorhip. This left only kids (most of which were under 18) in charge of the land. Once again another land sprung up, Bon Mot Glen. This land was sponsored by VSR, much like Singing Wood had been. It was created by Gaelin, due to the kids in Dark Valley not knowing how to go about switching sponsorship.

Only one reign of Dark Valley ran concurrently with Bon Mot Glen. At the end of that reign the chapter officially voted to fold and all of it's membership joined Bon Mot Glen. The further history of Longview/Kelso chapters can be found on the Mithril Hills page.


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