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Lord Squire Father Darby O'Malley,]

”Better out than in I always say”



Darby began playing in the Duchy of the Desert Rose in 2005, started the failed company "The Hooligans" shortly after. in 2007 Darby moved to Twin Falls Idaho, and founded the Shire of the Enchanted Falls (went defunct and was subsequently resurected) not too long after starting the EF Darby was Squired to Sir Rico Boner. in 2014 Darby moved to The Rivers End where he (after much discussion and because Sir Rico went inactive) gained release from Sir Rico, and picked up a Squirehood under Sir Loup De Noir. Darby has currently 2 Men at Arms, Sven, and Horati both in the Duchy of the Rivers End.

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Star Questing Dragons

Belted Family

Squire to Sir Loup De Noir Formerly Squire to Sir Rico Boner

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