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Dalmal En`Quethast is a NPC created by The Bitter Coast Quest Guild for use in the ongoing Bitter Coast Quest Campaign, which has been told over several reigns.

Dalmal En`Quethast, sometimes known as "The Walker in Dreams", or simply "Dreamwalker", is a figure of great mystery. He has several supposed abilities, which has been attributed to him by a variety of independent sources, which have lead to the belief that there might be more than one being by this name, as several accounts contain contradictory details. The being known as "Dreamwalker" does not appear to be of this world, but attempts to ascertain his origins have not proven fruitful. His personal agenda is unknown, but that has not led to wide speculation from a variety of scholars. The following is a fragment of a scroll about one of several legends of Dalmal En`Quethast taken from the grand library of The Seekers.

"Dalmal En`Quethas has no past per se. None have heard of him, though in each there is often a feeling of familiarity. ..at least amongst the commons whose lives are not so pent up in rage and aggression and violence. Now he comes out of the fabric of the earth to talk a while, with some of the artists of carnage who would perhaps, if given the opportunity, work to make the world a better place, maybe even become champions of light. Dalmal is not a servant of the divine, nor even divine himself, but he is a guide to the paths of light. To him it is of no consequence which of the any roads of light a traveler take, that they choose and walk one such path is enough. That they foster dreams and joy and perhaps even love in others is all that he desires, for this is the essence of who he is. But he is no spirit, but a physical guardian and champion in his own right, ever seeking those who would surpass him. He is a seed, an idea, which if it finds the right mind might grow into something great. Dalmal is a sort of emissary of divine providence sent to start the minds of other beings down roads of higher principles. The idea is this: Light builds within the constraints of nature and grace. To destroy evil at every turn is then to become eventually evil for when destruction is all you know and the only way you fight, since destruction is a thing of evil you become evil yourself. Dalmal presents the possibility of defeating and undoing evil, not just destroying it. One example could be showing someone how their choices and actions affect others. Once you understand the truth of these things you can shield yourself from the controls of others"

A being, which likely was Dalmal En`Quethast encountered the Heroes of Bitter Coast while Sir Darva was beginning his downward decent, while under the influence of The Warlich of Control. While the Heroes were confused and concerned about Sir Darva's sudden change in behavior, they were hesitant to rebel against their Monarch. Dalmal En`Quethast made several brief appearances, and communicated to the Heroes the dangerous situation they were in, and in a way helped them form the rebellion within Bitter Coast which eventually culminated in Sir Darva being purged of the creature inside of him.

Dalmal En`Quethast has not been seen since that time, but like all encounters with this being, he seldom ever brings more answers than he does questions. Only the future holds what his ultimate role will be in the fate of Bitter Coast.

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