DGV Monarchy

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The Monarchy of the Shire, Barony, and Duchy of Goldenvale

The park was founded in 1991 by Amren the Tall, but records from this time are largely missing. Elizabeth Mercades was ducal Regent and Duchess and Blackhawk was Champion and Chancellor at various times.

The Monarchy of the Kingdom of Goldenvale

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From 1995 to August 2015, Goldenvale was a static crown kingdom. Forty reigns were completed before the final transition to floating crown.

The Monarchy of the Duchy of Goldenvale

The correct reign number is unknown, as the number of reigns prior to becoming a kingdom has not yet been found out.

Any names bearing a single asterisk did not complete their terms in office. Any names bearing a pound sign assumed office as a Pro-Tem Officer.

Reign Duke Regent Champion Chancellor Guildmaster of Reeves Chamberlain
Reign 41 (9/15 - 2/16) Nydgenga Tokwan Trowa Firewalker/Miaka Talos
Reign 42 (2/16 - 8/16) Nydgenga Talos Trowa Miaka/Zell Bowen*/Tomahomie Esras Legwyn*
Reign 43 (8/16 - 2/17) Miaka Trowa Talos Zell/Dark Wolf*/Nydgenga# Tomahomie Dark Wolf*
Reign 44 (2/17 - 8/17) Trowa Talos# Jace Lanes Nydgenga#/Miaka# Rook Montague Leone Achilles
Reign 45 (8/17 - 2/18) Jace Lanes Jondal'ar Trowa Miaka# Murgen