Cynathia Quinn

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Woman-at-arms Cynathia Quinn, Countess of Ravens Cross, Golden Plains

”Did I tell you. . . ?”

"That's fair. . ."

"That makes sense. . ."

Home Park Ravens Cross
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 2018
Belt Status Woman-at-Arms to Squire Spork the Destroyer


Although born on land, she longed to live on the sea as a pirate with her adopted father. She returned years later to find her half-sister, previously enslaved, now to be a trained assassin. She soon joined her on her journey to a place called the Barony of Ravens Cross.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Regent of Barony of Ravens Cross during the 2019 summer reign

Countess of County of Ravens Cross during the 2021 winter reign

Affiliated Groups


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