Cupcake the Baker

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Lady Cupcake the Baker, of Falcon Tor, Tal Dagore


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Married to Lord Dadomir since before the rise of the kingdom, Lady Cupcake is known far and wide as the reason no one in Tal Dagore can lose weight. Known for her banana bread, cream cheese frosting and wide variety of jelly and jam flavors, Cupcake enjoys a good flurb and a mug of pirate punch. Lady Cupcake is also the Admiral of Peregrine Guard and is a Shield Maiden to Lord Graileon Onofrio Dandolo.

Affiliated Groups

Peregrine Guard
Lady of the House of Pi(e)

Notable Accomplishments

Regent of Falcon Tor, November 2016 to May 2017
Chancellor of Falcon Tor, Feb 2017 to August 2018
Admiral of the Peregrine Guard and deckhand of the ship Stryx
Feastocrat for the Order of the Flame winning feast, Tal Dagore Midreign, March 2016

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