Crimson Firestrike

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Crimson Paw of Autumn Grove a Shire of Rising Winds

"Kill me! Kill me!" -block-

"Leave my tails out of this!"





Crimson was first showed the game when Taver brought swords to her birthday party. When she heard that there was a park in the area, she jumped on the chance to join. Her first official day showing up at the park was May 17, 2009. She began making swords and getting garb the day after that. Her first Kingdom level event was on Saturday June 20th.

Character History

I can't personally remember any of my childhood. The earliest memory I have is of a great fire called the "Inferno" destroying my home. After the fire died down, I awoke on the outskirts of town and the entire place had been destroyed along with my memory. A witch called Elva found me and took pity on me. She adopted me as her own and taught me the ways of her trade.

Along with potion making and spell weaving, I learned to cheat and steal. It was the only way we had food to eat and herbs for potions. It was wrong but it was the only life I knew. After a few times of getting caught and having to use magic to get out of tough situations, Elva thought of a solution. She charmed a blue crystal and gave it to me on a black chord. It protected me with her magic for as long as she was alive. I wore it around my neck everyday and still do.

One day while practicing magic with me, Elva's memory charm backfired and I remembered the Inferno. I remembered a close family full of love and compassion for me, and running for my life from the fire. The only family member I could remember was a girl named Sage. No matter how many times we tried, Elva couldn't repeat her actions and bring up more memories.

A few short years later, the old witch died. I was left on my own with nothing but the clothes on my back and the now useless crystal Elva had given me. Determined to find somewhere I belonged, I began traveling. I went from place to place until I happend upon Autumn Grove. There I met a girl named Sage.

It turns out that this Sage was my sister and we finnally reunited. I also met Taver and Venne who are my cousins. They warmly welcomed me into their family and I felt at home. With every addition to my slowly growing family of Kitsunes, I felt happier until I learned of Dex Terminax and his story of terror from the future.

Autumn Grove welcomed me and I decided to stay there with Sage and Dex.

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • She has made amazing garb with the help of her real life mother.

More Information

  • She has two tails!
  • She's the most amazing "older" sister that a person can have! ~ Sage
  • She and her sister Sage have changed their name to Paw