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"Alright, who is responsible for all this mess?"

The answer the the above question, if you are at an event, that person is usually a "Crat".

What are Crats?

Crats are those that run events or sub aspects of events for large and small groups.


The most common crats are:

  • Autocrat: Head of an event, in charge of coordinating with all subcrats and serves as contact point for the BoD. Typically also chooses all subcrats and submits the bid for the event.
  • Feast-o-crat: In charge of Food
  • War-o-crat: sets up battle games/quests/tourneys/etc
  • Security crat: responsible for maintaining security presence throughout the event
  • A&S Crat: in charge of running competitions and collegiums
  • Gate Crat: In charge of setting up gate, finding people to run gate and making sure they are taken care of. Usually is also responsible to work with the BoD to ensure all gate fees are handled properly.

There may be several others used in various areas.