Council of Sages

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The Council of Sages

The Council's Duties

The Council of Sages was formed sometime long ago, Feast of Fools 2013. The Council gathers around the Fire of Wisdom and grabs random passersby to sit in the Wisdom Receptacle and have the Council's wisdom forced upon them.

The First Duty of the Council of Sages is to help all players with both Amtgard and life problems. Problems they may be unaware of.

The Second Duty of the Council is to ensure the survival of the Fire of Wisdom.

The Third and Final Duty of the Council of Wisdom is to provide players with four pieces of wisdom, the third of which is always "Learn how to fight!"

Rules & Regulation

First: The Council is never wrong; we are too wise to be wrong, and the Council trusts the Council's Judgement.

Second: The Council occasionally creates new words; this is okay.

Third: The Council is one entity, therefore the Council speaks in the third person.

Fourth: The Council offers free wisdom for a minor fee.

Fifth: The Council possesses the Stick of Talking, which if wisdom is ignored becomes the stick of beating.

Sixth: According to Goldenvale, the Council of Sages is officially recognized by Crystal Groves and therefore has final say on all CG matters.


- The Council proposes a new motion

- The Council seconds its own motion

- The Council approves the motion

- The Council has spoken

Members of the Council

Councilman Darva

Councilman Redav

Councilman Christopher Irondragon

Councilwoman Ogoolo

Councilman Averentius

Councilman Maximus

Councilman Kenshin Ozban

Councilman James

Councilwoman Katelyn

Councilman Bleys

Councilman Keg

Councilman Antonius

Joining the Council

To join the Council of Sages, you must simply be in the right place at the right time or you may attempt to become an "Acquaintance of the Council" or the more coveted "Friend of the Council"

Friends of the Council

Friend Solomon Wade

Friend Hobi Royce Kenobi

Acquaintances of the Council

Acquaintance Shadow

Council Relics of Power

The Fire of Wisdom

The Wisdom Receptacle

Stick of Talking/Beating

Water Hammer