Corwin Blackstone

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Arch-Duke Sir Corwin Blackstone, of Stormwall, Wetlands



One of the founding members of the Kingdom of The Wetlands and The Duchy of Stormwall. Began playing in 1993 with Sir Luke Wyngarde. Recived the position of Dictator for Life of Stormwall. He retains this position and the accompanying title of El Presidente! but his failing health has led him to allow others to take over the day to day operations of running his park. Corwin passed in June of 2017 leaving behind many friends and family and a legacy in the Wetlands that will not soon be forgotten.

Belted Family

Former squire to Dame Fionnghal Nic Phaidin

Affiliated Groups

Roger's Raiders

Notable Accomplishments

  • First Master Barbarian of the Wetlands
  • Marquis
  • Master Rose
  • Served more than 10 terms in the Duchy of Stormwall in positions ranging from Sheriff to Grand Duke.
  • Co-Authored the first 2 versions of the Wetlands Corpora.
  • 2 time former Kingdom Prime Minister of the Wetlands
  • Knight of the Flame
  • Knight of the Crown (posthumously)
  • King of the Wetlands Reign XXXII

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