Cortona Gladiatorial Games

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Cortona Gladiatorial Games

(Created by Sir Dogboy)

A fund raiser style event where participants can choose to player the role of Gladiator to be purchased(Gladiators get to do all the foam fighting for this game), or Ludus Owner(Non-Combatant role) who purchases Gladiators for money donated to the Kingdom. In return for their donated money, they "own" the Gladiators they purchased and are given fake "chits" in a denomination equal in some fashion to the amount they donated.
The game has a designated time frame (24hr, 48hr, etc) where Ludus Owners negotiate, organize and gamble the fake "chits" on fights between their Gladiators to accumulate points for victories for the Gladiators and accumulate "chit" wealth for the Ludus Owner.
At the end game time, the Gladiator with the most points is the Gladiatorial Champ, the Ludus with the most Gladiator points for their entire stable is the Ludus Champ, and the Ludus Owner with the most "chit" wealth is the Grand Ludus Owner.


Gladiators Role & Responsibilities

  • Gladiators will be separated into 3 categories. Each Category with its own Point Value
    • Green :: (0-3 Order of Warrior) (3pts)
    • Yellow :: (4-7 Order of Warrior) (6pts)
    • Red :: (8-10 Order of Warrior) (9pts)

As a gladiator, you are a weapon in the house of your Ludus Owner. It is only your job to do as told(in fighting). Your Ludus owner will negotiate your weapon style, combat style, and opponent(s).
As a Gladiator, your only responsibility will be to fight when told by your Ludus owner. You do not have to attend to anything beyond your fighting responsibilities. (Although you may RP the gladiator/owner as much as you wish) The only responsibility you take as being a gladiator: If your Ludus owner comes to you saying that they have arranged a fight and they need you to participate... You must do all you can to drop whatever you are doing to compete in the bout your owner setup. A Gladiator may not be 'Killed' outside of the confines of a 'Blood Sport' gladiatorial challenge (i.e. random backstabbing during event)

Ludus Owners Role & Responsibilities

  • Ludus owners are anyone who own 1 or more Gladiators

Ludus measure of success is in 'Tokens', which are your monetary system where you can wager on the success of your Gladiator. As Ludus owner you are allowed to negotiate terms where your gladiator will compete against gladiator from another Ludus As owner, you have options to determine what type of Combat Style your gladiator will compete in There are no regulated terms, that is all worked out between the Ludus owners.

  • You may wager your Tokens on any given fight
  • You may trade, sell, or give away any gladiator as you choose
  • ALL Trades, sales, or gifting of gladiators MUST be reported to Logistics or fights with the Gladiator in the new school will NOT count
  • It is the responsibility of BOTH Ludus owners to report the results of any fight between your gladiators to 'Logistics'
  • Only recorded fights by logistics will earn points for Gladiators.
  • Gladiator does not have to be present for results to be recorded by Logistics
  • BOTH Ludus owners MUST be present for results to be recorded by Logistics

If all your Gladiators die, but you still have tokens, then you can bet and try to reclaim new gladiators via trade or purchase.


Friday Evening Auction
Auction will begin @ 7pm
We will line all of the Gladiators up and auction them off for Real Money($$$) to be donated 100% to the Northern Lights Coffers

  • GREEN gets Auctioned first
  • YELLOW gets Auctioned second
  • RED gets Auctioned last

We want to encourage potential Ludus owners to purchase more than just 1 Gladiator When someone wins a bid for a Gladiator, they must pay for that Gladiator immediately upon the closing of the Bid... If the Ludus owner does not have the money on hand, then the Gladiator goes back on the block to be auctioned to someone else.
Along with any Gladiator that is won through the bidding process, the winner will also get tokens in the same amount of that which they spent for purchase (i.e. purchased Gladiator for 7$, then you get 7 tokens) Once you have purchased all of the Gladiators that you are interested in, then you have your Ludus and may begin scheduling fights between your Gladiators and that of Gladiators in other Ludus's

Monetary System

The Monetary system is pretty straight forward

  • 1$ = 1 Token: (Only Tokens are counted for in game currency)

A token will be provided to initial purchasers of Gladiators at time of bidding close. When the new Gladiator owner goes to pay for his/her Gladiator(in US dollar) Logistics will hand him/her that many tokens in return.

  • You may use the Tokens to gamble with for your Gladiatorial fights.
  • The monetary system is in place to allow for a determination of the "Grand Ludus Owner"
  • At Closing Ceremonies, the Ludus Owner with the most Tokens will be awarded "Grand Ludus Owner"

  • Wagers do not need to be reported to Logistics, it is up to the Ludus owners to honor all wagers and to pay up if the wager is lost.
  • Lost or stolen tokens are not the responsibility of anyone other than the person who lost them and will NOT be replaced by Logistics
  • Keep the tokens in a safe place for keeping until the Games are over.

Since everyone will be starting off with different amounts of tokens depending on how much they donated and we dont want someone to be able to "buy" the Grand Ludus Owner prize, everyone's net worth starts at 0, and only positive tokens count towards the net growth that is used as the gauge for Grand Ludus Owner.

Player 1 - Starting Tokens(donation):40 - Ending Tokens:70 - Net Growth(Final #): 30 Tokens
Player 2 - Starting Tokens(donation):20 - Ending Tokens:60 - Net Growth(Final #): 40 Tokens
Player 3 - Starting Tokens(donation):100 - Ending Tokens:110 - Net Growth(Final #): 10 Tokens
Player 4 - Starting Tokens(donation):10 - Ending Tokens:55 - Net Growth(Final #): 45 Tokens

This way its about how well you use what you have to grow your tokens by managing smart fights for your Gladiators. If you just count "Ending Tokens", Player 3 wins because they donated the most. If we go by the "Net Growth" number, then it evens the playing field for all of the Ludus Owners in a more evenly matched game.

Combat Rules

Ludus owners may engage their Gladiators in combat in 1 of 2 ways.

  • Exhibition – A combat in which is fought to full Amtgard death ^Non-Fatal (Normal Point Value)

  • Blood Sport – A combat in which is fought to full Gladiator Death ^^Fatal (Triple Point Value)

^Non-Fatal – Regardless of Win/Lose, the gladiator is still ‘alive’ and may be used for future combat
^^Fatal - The losing Gladiator is DEAD, out of the game and not usable for future combat in the games
(NOTE: All Blood Sport must be fought in the ‘OFFICIAL ARENA’)

Additional Participation

If you miss the initial bidding and/or do not purchase a Gladiator, all is not lost.

  • You may purchase tokens from logistics 1$ = 1Token

Once you have tokens you may use them to place bets on gladiator fights, to try and purchase gladiators, donate to a particular Ludus.

Closing Ceremonies

  • Closing ceremonies will simply be a final announcement of the winners of the games.
  • There will be prizes for the “Champion of Cortona”, “Favored Ludus of Cortona” & "Grand Ludus Owner"
  • Champion of Cortona = single Gladiator still living with the most points accrued over the event
  • Favored Ludus of Cortona = Ludus with the most Gladiatorial points combined.
  • Grand Ludus Owner = Ludus Owner with the most tokens of net growth

(NOTE: must have 1 or more living gladiators at closing to be considered a Ludus owner)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can Ludus Owners setup fights where a single combatant is engaging against multiple opponents?
    • A: Yes. If the single combatant wins, then the point totals of all enemies is combined for the win. If the Multi-Person team wins, then the points are equally divided amongst the remaining 'alive' gladiators for that bout.

  • Q: What is the difference between the 'Cortona Gladiator Auction" and the "Late Arrivals Early Bird Gladiator Auction"?
    • A: The "Cortona Gladiator Auction" is the main auction which takes place on Friday night of the event @ 9pm. The "Late Arrivals Early Bid Gladiator Auction" will be for any potential late arrival Gladiators and/or potential purchasers and will take place on Saturday morning of the event @ 9am.

  • Q: What weapon combinations are available to gladiators? Can they use ANY weapon combination?
    • A: Nearly... The Gladiators will fight with only what they are told to fight with. All determination of style is up to the Ludus Owners. The only restriction the Ludus Owners have is they must be Melee Weapons ONLY. (Exception Javelin and this must be notified prior to the gladiator fight. Javelin may be used as Melee and Missile in the fight.)