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Sir Corbin, of the Emerald Hills

"I will stab a guy in a wheel chair."-Corbin
"What corbin said" -KFM


Corbin is formerly from Eagleshire, He is currently playing in the Wetlands where you will often find him wearing one of his cool hats, which are made from the sleeves of shirts. Corbin is a regular on E-Sam under the handle c0rbin and a is full of quotable quotes which you can read here. Or Read here about Corbins Quest from ESam.

Sir Corbin is the only Battlefield Prowess Sword Knight included in the Top Ten Sword Knights poll.

Affiliated Groups

Former member of the Green Dragons. Currently he and his whole family are members of the Corsairs. Also runs Corsair Daycare.

Belted line

Notable Accomplishments


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couple.jpg Aren't he and Quesy cute?