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House Club Vegeta dX

”deadly serious”

index.jpg ["Many Bothans died to bring us this information..."]

Origins and Speculations

While it is unclear exactly when and where the household began, modern science believes it can only be at or around the fall of the Western Roman Empire in AD 476, the death of the emperor Justinian I, the coming of Islam or the rise of Charlemagne. Historians and Scientologists have been searching for archeological evidence of the household since 1868, when Heinrich Schliemann began excavations off the Aegean in Ἴλιον, Ilion, Τροία, and Troia discovering remnants of a powerful shadow household from the Anatolian age. These remnants were a collection of pottery with markings depicting what we now believe to be the origin story of Club Vegeta dX. Sadly, the pottery was stolen from the archives before archeologists were able to decipher the entire story; a single note left behind reading, "suck it, Trebek (with an image of a poorly drawn penis)". ["citation needed"]

It can only be assumed that this was the work of modern-day House members protecting the secrecy of their Household. Ancient pottery is not the only thing to turn up missing when searching for clues to the elusive Household. Shortly after discovering the pottery, Schliemann mysteriously disappeared a week later along with his digging crew of 90 wetbacks. While investigating this mysterious event, the locals seemed convinced there was no Schliemann or even an excavation. Also, this one time, this guy was eating a burrito and he asked about Club Vegeta dX and his burrito disappeared IN HIS MOUTH. ["True story"]

Their headquarters have been found along the coast of the Aegean, however, the household has moved its base to nearby world powers throughout history. Chronologically, from the information that we've gathered, headquarters have been located in Anatolia, Rome, Portugal, U.K, U.S, Germany, Africa (as a joke), and Japan. It is currently speculated that they are headquartered in Europe along the Mediterranean but there is also strong evidence to suggest that their headquarters are currently based on the moon.

Known House Lords

All known house lords have been discovered, postmortem, by the perfect alignment of their tombs with the Alpha Draconis Constellation as well as the inscription, "Clava Vargas Decuria Exon" within their caskets.

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Billy Shears
  • Charles Dickens
  • Dale Earnhart
  • Dr. Emmit Brown
  • Henri Matisse
  • Louis XV
  • Minute Bol
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Russell Stover

Known House Rules

  • The first rule of Club Vegeta dX is, We do not talk about Club Vegeta dX.
  • The second rule of Club Vegeta dX is, We do not talk about Club Vegeta dX.

Notable Accomplishments and Inventions

  • The sacking of Constantinople
  • Magic Eight balls
  • The moon
  • The game (you just lost. you noob)
  • The Bubonic Plague
  • The Juggernaut Bitch youtube video
  • The Barcelona Olympics

Speculations and Rumors

Current houselord

- "Who the current houselord of Club Vegeta dX is" is one of the most highly debated topics in the field of political science today. Several obvious choices stick out immediately such as Michael Douglas and Stone Cold Steve Austin. For Michael Douglas, look no further than his work in the film, 'The Game'. He displays all the characteristics of what it's like to be a houselord. Also, the name of the title 'The Game' clearly denotes a link to "THE GAME" created by Club Vegeta dX. As for Steve Austin, he wears a vest and briefs of matching colors and likes to drink beers two at a time. This is the very essence of Club Vegeta dX, or at least, what science tells us is the essence of Club Vegeta dX. Perhaps they are co-lords. Michael and Steven. The most powerful men on the planet? You decide.

Societal Inspiration

The Illuminati and Free Masons cite Club Vegeta dX as inspiration for, "what can be achieved through fellowship and secrecy".
It is widely regarded that the French Revolution would never have come to be without the leadership and influence of Club Vegeta dX.


  • They say houselords don't even know they're houselords until they've been dismissed as houselords. This keeps the secret a secret even from the secret.
  • Dan Brown wanted to write a novel about Club Vegeta dX but could not figure out a way for Robert Langdon to use the Fibonacci sequence to destroy such a powerful society. Quoted, verbatim, from Brown himself, "Impossible\elbissopmI".
  • Frodo favored Moria over the peak of Khazad-dum not because of the super natural storm, but for fear of running into Club Vegeta dX members who had been spotted 'just chillin' and shiiiiiit' on the peak a few days prior.
  • They smoke while they shoot the bird.
  • In the native Myan written language, 2012 is written "C.V.D.X"


Green Day on House Club Vegeta dX,
"I don't know what you're talking about. If you ask me again, however, I will be forced to end you and your line to the best of my abilities. Good day."

Vegeta on House Club Vegeta dX
"It's over nine THOUSANDDDDDDDDDD"[1] on House Club Vegeta dX- error 404. The page you are looking for will never exist.

Aesir on House Club Vegeta dX, "I'm just sayin' even the boss of The Dirty South has his limits is all".

Dennis Green on the Chicago Bears- "They are who we thought they were. And we let 'em off the hook!"

Almasy on House Club Vegeta dX, "Ahhhhh, the ecstasy of lifeeeee" "Not too shabby"

Google[2] Search Suggestion after entering Club Vegeta dX in the textfield: "Did you mean? How to kill yourself immediately by swallowing a frisbee?"

Bothan Spies who died to bring you this information

"God rest ye merry Hippogriffs" - Sirius Black (not a Bothan)

  • Asyr Sei'lar
  • Borsk Fey'lya
  • Hosk Trey'lis
  • Kai Hudorra
  • Koth Melan
  • Laryn Kre'fey
  • Oryon