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Way Dancer
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Countess Squire Clover Ethindale-Tannon, of the Freehold of Pekannott Rois.

”How did you get splinters in your ass?”



Clover is married to Bromhir in real life and game. They have four children and one step child, Aeson the oldest son, Yaris the middle son, Magni & Modi the twins and Scarlet her beautiful step daughter. Clover and Bromhir reside south of Traitors Gate with their four youngest.

Affiliated Groups

Wardancers - Dancer of the Way - Spring War 2008

Circle of Greenfire

Amazons- Daughter to Grand Duchess Dame Mistress Wynd O'Onyx Loch.

I.L.B.F. -Whore daughter

Belted Family

She is squired to Grand Duchess Dame Mistress Wynd O'Onyx Loch, who was squire to Therressa Willowtree who was squire to Horus of Elam who was squire to Rufus Grimwulf who was Squire to M'Deth of Benden, who was squire to Nashomi who was squire to Tawnee.

Belted Family===

Notable Accomplishments

  • At Springwar '07, she was elevated from page to squire by her knight, Grand Duchess Dame Mistress Wynd O'Onyx loch.
  • Member of House Beer (One half of the drinking unit called gemini, other being Scarlet).
  • 34th Co-Regent of the CK.
  • Co-Autocrat and Medcrat of Spring War XV.
  • 39th Regent of the Celestial Kingdom.

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