Cloud's Edge

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A shire in the Kingdom of Dragonspine, Located in Silver City, New Mexico.




Cloud's Edge was founded in September of 2001 by Drilillithon, Thothe Cologne, Bob the Barbarian, Ulfgar Sycoticus, Amarinthine, Rueben Uriel, Dennutine, and Tori Marguarite following a demonstration held at the Silver city Renaissance Fair by members of Dragonspine. The first officers were Drilillithon (Sheriff), Rueben Uriel (Regent), and Thothe Cologne (Champion).

Cloud's Edge has apparently failed it's last three audits. But now under new leadership the shire hopes to regrow to a barony in the next year-and-a-half. Battle games are now more fun and the current turnouts have made things fun. The group is now normally meeting with 20 or so members in the summer and 12 in the winter. All that can come out are encouraged to. The shire still makes light effective weapons and hopes to start making more garb than tunics. We have recovered well from the loss of our member tony, and are hoping to see more people soon.

In 2008 Cloud's Edge was demoted from Barony to Shire.

Cloud's Edge had changed their name to DrakkenBarrow, but has recently restored the older name of Cloud's Edge.


Contacts and Directions

The Shire of Cloud's Edge meets once a week on Sunday evenings at 2:30pm. We meet in Silver City's own Gough Park (N Pope St, Silver City, NM 88061). We welcome any and all peoples who are in the area to come by and experience the fun of playing Amtgard in Cloud's Edge.

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