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Clan Grimwulff

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Clan Grimwulff originated from Rufus. Once thought to be the only surviving member of his tribe (Mongol/Hunish/Turkish/lycanthrope), his children, grandchildren, and adopted family members. And later the Belted Line. last attempt to calculate membership past and present was at over 500 members and growing.


Originating back in the old Grand Duchy of Barad-Duin (pre-descent into the Hells) when Rufus discovered two lost sons (Booga and Logan), a lost wolfling (Lady Shaia), and later several more children and grandchildren that he didn't know about (Onyx, Tobry, Corum, Amorden, , etc.). also, two lost brother and a halfsister were found (Ace Cab, Pony, Ambrah Leah). The Clan used the time honoured tradition of adoption and breeding to rebuild the Clan, including Lycanthropes of all types, the occasional undead, elves, dwarfs, etc..

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