Cijam Itna

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Cijam Itna, of Burning Skies, Golden Plains

”You like the songs I make up, don't you?”


Persona Biography

The beginning It began one evening quietly. It watched the assassin's efforts along with a couple of dragons trying to defeat some monsters that might have been called Hoohoos. Foricas pronounced ( 4-ik-us), knew there was too much magic here for it to take over. While it would be invincible when it had stolen the essence of the 7 children it needed to make its phylactory (fy-lac-tory), these beings had the power to destroy it's phylactory thus it moved on. In retrospective thought tho, it thought this would make a great hiding spot for that phylactory. These races constantly warring among themselves wouldn't aid anyone to overthrow it's plan. So this 8ft tall monster moved on. If it was not bad enough it could make itself invulnerable its appearance was not pleasant either. It's head of wolf, it's torso man, and bird from waist to feet would cause still more fear.

It went to a small island and to the north side of that island that was full of a bunch of non majic humans called Scott. At least that's what it thought these plaid wearing race of humans was called. It took the children under the cover of darkness and prepared them for it's despicable task.. the torture of the seven children was it's favorite part. Not to kill but to weaken them for what would take over thier bodies after the essence was finally extracted and channeled into the phylactery. As this process could take days or weeks it (Foricas) for obvious reasons found a secluded area. Three weeks later it was just about to extract the essence from the last child. Unexpectedly it was then interrupted buy a Scottish Warrior, who in that instant got in the way and caused something unexpected to happen with it's spell. It was the Warriors essence that was taken instead of the child. Now the essence of a warrior was inside the factory. Unlike the children, the warrior could resist the evil That was supposed to take over his body. And just like the children the clue as to what the factory was would burn in the depths of his mind . While the children were compelled to chant this clue out loud The Warrior would merely only think of it obsessively. Unfortunately all other memory was gone even the Warriors own name.

Foricas opened a portal with it's majic to send away it's phylactory to that predetermined land and for good measure thought it would send the forgetful warrior as well. It's thought process being that if it sent them to different regions of the area, even if the Warrior regained his memory the constantly warring locals would most likely be his untimely demise. Unknown to Foricas, this little mishap with it's spell also had the side effect of granting The Warrior partial immunity to Magic.

Foricas left the warrior in one part of the land and his it's phylactory in another. The Warrior, who would eventually gain his name from his partial majic immunity only knew 2 things from his past. One, he must find and destroy an object if he ever hoped to get his memory back. Two, the thought that burned so deep inside his mind left for him by the spell of Foricas that the other six children were so compelled to chant was a magic induced clue as to what the phylactory was.

And so this thought would obsessively ring and his mind for a thousand years, "Though it is a child's toy, it does not bring a child Joy. Created in black majic places by people with dark skin faces. ".

Personal Biography

Cijam Itna began his journey in Amtgard in November of 2015 as this mystery dude who showed up at the park the day of Endreign. As a former SCA member, he was looking for something to allow him to fight and stumbled upon the Shire. Since beginning his Amtgard career, he has become a fixture at the field, always willing to jump in and help however he can.

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Cijam is not a member of a belted family.

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