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Cena Midoriya
Current Park Crimson Circle
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2016
Company Norse Star
Noble Title Viscount
Belt Status Page to Squire Akyo

Viscount Page Cena Midoriya, Esq. of Crimson Circle, in the Kingdom of Polaris


Playing briefly in 2010 under the name “Ruriki”, Cena returned to Amtgard late 2016 thanks to the influence of Steeeeeve. Shortly after returning he made a successful run for Crimson Circle’s Chancellor.

During his run as Chancellor he wrote Cena’s Guide for New Players. He was offered a Page belt by the newly squired Akyo in May of 2017. After finishing two consecutive terms as Crimson Circle's Chancellor he was successfully elected to serve as the Kingdom of Polaris's Prime Minister.

In 2019, Cena returned to local office and served two terms as Crimson Circle's Duke.

Notable Quotes

  • "Does this event allow bows?"
  • "YOU MUST STAY 52 FEET AWAY FROM THE KING. NO MORE, NO LESS!" - Relic Quest, Summer 2019

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