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In the process of updating this information; Here are my remaining Questions

  • Azkar Raintree: One listed Squire any where, does anyone know if he had any others?
  • Beloch: No known Squires, anyone know of any? Knighted in 1997, but no monarch listed. Could have been LeGrey, Therressa, or Mandigore?
  • Dunbar: Did he have any Squires? I don't find any listed.
  • Durin: No monarch listed.
  • Emanon: Has no presenting Monarch, history, or Squires listed.
  • Farlo: Knights belt listed as flame in Both 2002 and 2005, no presenting monarch. Does Farlo have any squires?
  • Grendel: What year did his knighting occur? Was it 1998 or 2002?
  • Hulka: Did he have any known squires?
  • Lowell: When and Where and Whom?
  • Manicles; Who was the presenting monarch for your Serpent belt? What year and month was it given?
  • Melinda: Need dates and Monarch on her flame belt.
  • Athisdane: Looking for the correct links for your squire Trevor Hargrave, and Talon.
  • Nightlynx: Dates and giving Monarch of the Flame belt.
  • Amerinda: Listed as a graduated squire of Peybr's but I can't find anything else on her. Anyone have further information?
  • Raven:Can you please link me to your Squire's ORK profiles? I wasn't able to find any of them listed.
  • Rook: was knighted when and by whom?
  • Shanti: Who gave her the 1999 Crown belt?
  • Skywise: What monarch granted his 1998 flame belt?
  • Tiberius: Was he knighted in 1991, or 1994? The information conflicts.
  • Ursor: Can you please give ORK links for you remaining Squires?
  • Zircon: Who knighted him Flame in 2000?
  • Jemethiel Knorth: My information says knighted in 1996, for Serpent, but not who did it. Anyone know?
  • Oznog: What Year and under what monarchy was he knighted?

Not sure how complete the above info is, but it needed to be moved here off the mainspace. Ricken (talk) 12:03, 6 April 2015 (EDT)