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This page houses all articles nominated for deletion. If you believe any page listed here should be maintained or expanded, you can help by visiting that page and improving its content or by providing justification for its keeping on its Talk page.

You can nominate an article for deletion by adding one of the following templates to the top of the page:

  • {{afd}} - General nomination for deletion. Please provide a reason for deleting on the article's talk page.
  • {{afd-blank}} - A page that has been blank or content-empty for 90 days or longer.
  • {{afd-owner}} - Request for deletion by the original creator of the page or by the individual or group the article is about.
  • {{afd-content}} - A page that has content which does not belong on Amtwiki (i.e. inappropriate, non-Amtgard related, inaccurate, or obscene).

To begin a discussion about the page up for deletion, add the follow to the top of its talk page:

  • {{afd-talk|name|date}}
  • Replace "name" with the name of the person who nominated the page. If it's yourself, you can put ~~~ instead.
  • Replace "date" with the date it was nominated. If it was today, you can put ~~~~~ instead.