Cassandrah Scarpaw

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Combat Ranking
Wave Dancer
A&S Ranking
Way Dancer
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Contessa Squire Cassandrah Catrina Scarpaw, of PV Dragonspine

”I hereby declare my status as a citizen of Pegasus Valley, and am therefore beholden to the Duchy; I will protect her boundaries, and enrich her inhabitants through my actions, and shall bear the Duchy loyalty unto and through death, holding none above the common good of the Duchy, save for loyalty to our Kingdom of Dragonspine.”



Cassandrah started her Amtgard Career in the Kingdom of Dragonspine in the year 1996, while attending the local University. She was deeply influenced by the politics and play style of her home kingdom, and when she eventually moved to Pegasus Valley, she continued to use those influences to expand and enrich her new homeland.

In 1998, she was recruited into the Wardancers, and still serves her company proudly whenever they call upon her. Later, while living in Santa Fe, NM, she was instrumental in the existence of a small Shire by the name Dragon's Tooth (currently defunct).

She served in several officer positions at Duchy and Shire level over the course of her time in Amtgard and was granted titles up to the rank of Contessa. While roleplay is not her forte, she does lead a Household of lycanthropically blessed characters, as the Lady of House Wolf Riders. She currently plays Amtgard in the Duchy of Pegasus Valley and served her second term as Duchess.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Contessa
  • Various offices, including Duchess of PV x 2.
  • Cassandrah has regularly advised heads of Amtgard state on matters of importance and difficulty. She keeps company with a few of the Amt-powers-that-be, and if you need to share a tidbit of secret knowledge, she is likely one of the most trustworthy people to tell.

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